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I am Katherine Cooper and I am running for Saugus Union School District School Board Trustee, Area 3. 

Saugus USD is a strong school district with creative leadership and I am excited to work to help further their great programs. Our kids are the future, they deserve their best chance.

Our schools are facing challenging times.  I will fight for more funding, for equitable opportunities for all students, for the safety of our children and for competitive compensation for teachers.



The ability to read is not an option, it is a must.  Balanced Literacy has been the traditional method of teaching.  Structured Literacy is a systematic method.  Like digital vs. analogue. While many children will learn through Balanced Literacy, children with learning challenges, especially dyslexia, are left far behind and will be able to achieve grade-level reading far more frequently with Structured Literacy.  One in five children has dyslexia - that is twenty percent!  Many have it mildly, and may be undiagnosed, and just "get by".  Some are more severe and without intervention, will suffer long term consequences.  This can be averted by using a quality Structured Literacy program, in which all children can learn.  



Every child deserves their best chance, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status.  We need to recognize that every child is unique and we need to provide every student the opportunity to excel.  We need to provide diverse reading and instructional material.



When states invest in their public schools, student achievement rises.  California spend in excess of $60,000 per year per prison inmate and less than $12,000 per year per student.  That needs to change.



The board is responsible to the students, parents, teachers and the community and should make sure every dollar is used in the most effective way possible. 



Academics is of course, important, but education without art, music and movement is incomplete.  Art supports creativity, music helps children to see patterns, and exercise is just good for the brain.  These programs are not periphery, but necessary integral pieces of education.




 I couldn’t say it any better!

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